Today at NABC: Naughty Girl meets Randall, and Stone invades the Public House

We bought a first-generation Randall the Enamel Animal directly from Dogfish Head all the way back in 2005.

Randall is an organoleptic hop transducer module, a double-chamber filter that you connect to a tap of your favorite beer and fill with flavor-enhancing ingredients

Randall now has reached Version 3.0, but we haven’t, so for today’s USA vs Belgium match in the World Cup Round of 16, it’s back to the original. This afternoon at Bank Street Brewhouse, a keg of Naughty Girl India Blonde Ale will pass through a cylinder of Cascade hops from tap to glass, and it will provide suitable accompaniment for the futbol viewing. The game’s at 4 p.m.; we open at 3. Bring your own snacks from fine New Albany establishments like Aladdin’s Cafe, Shawn’s Southern BBQ, Dragon King’s DaughterJR’s Pub and many more.

We’ve always had the best beer in town. Now BSB has the best food menu, too — because we have all the food menus in town.

Meanwhile, at the Pizzeria & Public House, the match will be shown, of course, but today’s big event is Stone Brewing Tap Night. Mark Kocher of Stone Brewing and our own Eric Gray have put together quite a lineup of ten Stones on draft to begin the month of July. We haven’t seen anything like it since August 20, 2007, when Greg Koch stopped by the Public House for a now legendary meet ‘n’ greet.




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