“The Trojan Goose kept pouring Belgian Bud and Waterfowl Ale.”

We draw your attention to this excellent blog entry by Ryan Hammel, owner of River City Craft Wear. I’ve had the pleasure lately to get to know Ryan, and here he shows a flair for writing as well as wearable design.

Will Twerk For Transformersby Ryan Hammel (River City Craft Wear blog)

… Sure, I have a day job … but River City Craft Wear is a way to make a hobby into something that hopefully makes me money, and promotes the enjoyment, small-business mindset, and the lifestyle of locally-brewed beer.

I think I just wrote a mission statement. Thanks, Roger.

But that is what this is all about. Keep local local. Keep craft craft. Keep micro micro. Eat local food, drink local beer, and buy local stuff. I may have to use that…

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