Retail Keg Sales

This form may be used for inquiries about retail purchases of NABC beers by the keg. Our acceptance of your inquiry does not constitute acceptance of your order nor indicate that we will be able to fill your order. You will be contacted by a keg sales representative who will inform you whether your order can be accepted.

If you do not receive a prompt response to your inquiry, please check the spam folder for your e-mail account.

Please make your inquiry at least two business days in advance of your desired pick-up date.

Please note: We do not offer draft equipment for rent, check with your local liquor store for availability.

For inquiries concerning wholesale distribution of NABC beers please see contact information on this site’s Distribution page.

Our offerings:

IMG_6464Our core offerings – Old 15-B Porter, Elector, Hoptimus, Action! Pale Ale, Community Dark, Frankensteiner Hefeweizen, and some seasonals are generally available for retail keg sales (please check our updated list on the NABC Cafe & Brewhouse page for some probable options). If you are interested in a NABC beer not listed here use the ‘other’ option under desired kegs below and enter the name in the adjoining text field. A keg sales representative will contact you concerning its availability.

Price List:

These prices are for standard 50 liter kegs – approx. 13.2 gallons. Some NABC beers, primarily from our rotating lists, may only be available in other sizes and at other prices. Our keg sales representatives will be able to give you this information.
Old 15-B Porter $130, Elector $150, Hoptimus $185, Action! Pale Ale $150, Community Dark $115, Frankensteiner Hefeweizen $115



Each keg will require a refundable deposit of $100.00. The deposit can be in the form of cash or check.

Please note: We do not offer draft equipment for rent, check with your local liquor store for availability.

Pick-up and return:

IMG_6469Once your order has been confirmed your keg(s) may be picked up at 415 Bank Street in downtown New Albany (not at the Pizzeria&Pub location) at the time agreed with our keg sales representative. Please check in with the employee on duty, usually behind the bar working. Payment and deposits will be required at this time. A valid photo ID will be required to complete your purchase. Please allow the employee on duty time to complete this transaction.

The return of your empty keg(s) will be required within 5 business days, unless other terms are agreed in advance. Your deposit will be refunded at the time of return provided the kegs are in good condition.

Contacting us:

If you have a question concerning retail keg sales, but do not wish to request kegs at this time, choose “Other” in the ‘Desired keg’ fields and send us a message using the text field for ‘Additional questions or comments’ at the bottom of this page. Please enter the required contact information or your message will not be sent.

Following your initial inquiry or message you will be contacted by a retail keg sales representative, or

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