Restaurant Operations

Billie Gray

Day Shift Manager – NABC Pizzeria and Public House

Employed since 2008

Billie makes sure the pizzas keep baking, as well as 1,001 other things that need to get done on a daily basis.

Eric Gray

Beer Manager – NABC Pizzeria and Public House

Employed since 2007

Eric started working at NABC in 2007. He was hired to fill a dishwashing spot for Gravity Head. After 3+ years working in other people’s filth, he took over the beer manager job along with Ben Minton in 2010.

Early in 2011 NABC started bottling, and while Eric wasn’t there for the archaic three-headed monster beginnings, he started helping out once the Meheen Merlin filler came on line.  Ben moved up to the position of R & D Brewer, which meant more work for Eric on the beer manager end, in addition to duties as cellarman. In his own words:

“All in all, what I really do for NABC is just fill in when needed. That can mean running a bottling line, cleaning a mash tun, and putting some beer on tap all in the same day. Trust me on this, though: Working in a brewery, or for a brewery, is probably the best job one could hope for. I’m at the Pizzeria & Public House practically every day, so don’t be shy — I’m always looking for a good excuse to raise a pint or two.”

Jeff Lewison

Pub Manager, Lead Server, and Husband of Kate – NABC Pizzeria and Public House

Employed since 1997

Jeff makes sure the food and drink make it to you.

Stacie Bale

Operations Manager – NABC Cafe & Brewhouse

Employed since 2015

Bicentennial Park July 2017

(Left to right – Kate, Stacie, Amy)

Gravity Head February 2015

(Left to right – Kate, Amy, Stacie)