NABC’s Tony Beard profiled in “The People and Stories Behind Craft Beer Art”

Tricentennial Ale

The topic is imagery, and our own Tony Beard is profiled along with Shane Brown (Sun King) and Jim Zimmer (Three Floyds). Perhaps a three-way beer and art collaboration?

Graphic Content: The People and Stories Behind Craft Beer Art, by Emily Taylor / IUPUI

The next time you are at your favorite tap house, pause and look at the detail on some of the bottles, posters and handles. Each one ties in the taste and a story. The imagery has become as much a part of the craft craze as the brews themselves. Even though these artists are pushing themselves to new levels and directing the flagships of their own breweries, there are only a handful of breweries in the United States that employ them full-time. Two are right here in Indiana. The Midwest has turned heads from craft industries across the country. The quality brews are blazing trails, but so are their labels’ unique artistic designs. For the artists creating them, the process remains in constant motion.

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