NABC at Tomlinson Tap THIS FRIDAY, featuring Action! APA

This Friday at Tomlinson Tap, high above the City Market in versatile downtown Indianapolis, NABC’s Blake Montgomery and Roger Baylor will be on hand at 12:00 noon as four NABC beers are tapped in a mini-takeover featuring a rare road gig for our new Action! APA, an American Pale Ale with Mosaic hops (this time; next time, who knows?)

The other three starters:

Bonfire of the Valkyries … a satisfying beer about mythology, pyromania and forgetfulness.

Houndmouth … NABC collaborated with Houndmouth to create the band’s namesake ale, hoppier than wheat should be, subtle and complex, and session-strength. Let the good times roll, and the circle be unbroken.

Tunnel Vision … those hardy immigrant gnomes who came from the venerable hills of the Ardennes to take up residence beneath the mysterious Knobs of Southern Indiana subsist on this.

Blake must drive, but Roger is laboring under no such constraint. Beers by the light of day; what a concept.

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