Music, beer & a worthless permit: Matt Duncan at Bicentennial Park, tonight

There will be lovely weather for tonight’s penultimate Bicentennial Park concert for 2013. Once again, NABC will be on hand with beer and two permits, one necessary (Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission) and the other entirely superfluous (Floyd County Web Harassment Department). Afterwards, we’ll be celebrating the department’s ongoing eco-lies at Bank Street Brewhouse with our Aftershow Outdoor Disco.

Tonight at Bicentennial Park, Matt Duncan and the opener, American Authors.


Matt Duncan – Matt Duncan is an “inventive songwriter who understands how to use retro sounds as a tool, not a crutch (Paste Magazine, May 2012).” Mixtape Maestro described his sound as “smooth textures of its trombone and sax-seasoned arrangements coupled with Duncan’s cotton soft tenor,” and Washington, DC based website All Things Go described Matt as a “master songcrafter.” You will not want to miss Duncan’s perfectly crafted pop tunes on his visit to Bicentennial Park. Brooklyn, New York based group American Authors will open.

Next Friday is the season finale for the Bicentennial Park concert series.


Bombadil – Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, Bombadil is a four-piece group with guitar, bass, piano, and drums best known for their folk-pop music. The band is known for their creative and somewhat elusive lyrics, quirky sound, and upbeat, energetic live show.

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