Houndmouth & Houndmouth at Iroquois Amphitheater this Friday night

A new, revised Houndmouth image

Houndmouth, the beer.

Houndmouth is NABC’s hopped-up American Wheat Ale, a Session Series libation brewed in collaboration with the New Albany band of the same name. It’s a fine addition to our lineup, and we intend to continue brewing Houndmouth — just as Houndmouth keeps making music (the band’s new album is due out in June).

But please note that Houndmouth isn’t just any other band, and the beer we’ve brewed together isn’t just another wheat — as those of you who’ve heard the music and tasted the beer can quickly attest.

Houndmouth Iroquois 2

On Friday, April 26, you can experience both Houndmouths, all at the same time. Merely purchase¬†tickets to Houndmouth’s performance at Iroquois Amphitheater, and then have a few Houndmouths while you’re there listening, because the ale will be on sale.

Houndmouth Ale

ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 28

Malts: 50% white wheat, 50% Irish stout malt and a touch of Weyermann Carabelge.

Hops: CTZ and Cascade (dry-hopped)

Yeast: House Ale

Houndmouth Album

From the Hills Below the City



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