Gravity Head 2014: The schedule of events.

Gravity Head 2014 begins at the Pizzeria & Public House on Friday, February 28. Here are special events and fixed dates occurring during gravity’s annual amok time. Of course, listed beers will be pouring continuously throughout the month of March.

Fan voting for the final Gravity Head starting lineup tapping slot will begin on Monday, February 24. Stay tuned for details.

Between February 17-28, numerous updates will be posted. As links here become active, follow them for more detailed information.

Friday, February 28
REVISED: “Gravity Tailgate Breakfast”

Way back in 2008, we convened early (4:00 a.m.) for a gravity breakfast with Terry Meiners of WHAS television in Louisville. In the years since, the concept has been tweaked, and so now breakfast starts at 7:00 a.m., when it’s actually legal to drink beer in Hoosierland. For the first time in 2014, the full Pizzeria & Public House menu will be available, including a special breakfast pizza being masterminded by the kitchen crew. There’ll also be locally-baked Honey Cream doughnuts; Ed Needham’s kickass home-roasted coffee; and the complete opening day roster of Gravity Head selections. Stop by and get into the spirit before you go to work … but seriously, it’s Gravity Head. What’s work got to do with it? Get a designated driver, and get started.

Friday, February 28
“Opening Ceremonies”

Members of the FOSSILS and LAGERS homebrewing/beer appreciation clubs and their chosen guests once will again enjoy preferred seating in the Prost room, beginning at 3:00 p.m. We’re also expecting lots of our friendly Schlafly peeps to drop by for a high-level liquidity conference.

Saturday, March 1
“The Annual Patti & Larry Buckeye Contingent Visitation”

The afternoon arrival of these hardy and perennial Buckeyes means tapping a special beer, and the foraging is under way. They’ll be in the Red Room, so look for all-day barroom duty.

Sunday, March 2
NEW: “Sun King Sunday Sunrise & Gravity Head Brunch at BSB”

The Pizzeria & Public House is closed on Sunday. The journey has only just begun, and you might choose to listen to your body; drink liquids, have a nap, and avoid both strenuous lifting and the operation of heavy machinery. Or, perhaps you’d rather live like a rock star, and if so, NABC’s Bank Street Brewhouse is open from 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. for the usual Brewhouse Brunch (until 2:00 p.m.), our locally famous Build-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar, and the only Sunday carry-out beer within staggering distance of the Indiana riverbank.

In 2013, Eric and Ben squirreled away 1/6 bbls of all six headlining Sun King beers, and we’ll be tapping them in the Reading Room, where there’ll afternoon “chamber music” from Madison, Indiana’s legendary Ragged Arse Tinkers.

Sun King Batch 666: Sympathy for the Devil 11%
Sun King Wee Muckle 8%
Sun King Batch 777: Touched By An Angel 10%
Sun King Timmie 10%
Sun King Big Iron 10%
Sun King Dominator 8%

Thursday, March 6
NEW: “Tin Man Gravity Night”

Our friends from Tin Man have provided three kegs of appropriate gravity, and they’ll be tapped all at once. Professional historians believe these will be the first brews from Evansville IN ever to appear at Gravity Head. There’ll be photographs and merriment.

Friday, March 14
“Cavalier & Founders Night … with Flat12 and NABC, Too”

Founders Brewing joins the wholesale gang from Cavalier Distributing (Indianapolis) for an evening of mannered sipping and agitated revolutionary chat. To mark the occasion, Gravity Head kegs from Founders, Flat12 Bierwerks & NABC will swamp the taps. You don’t want to miss Third Friday.

Monday, March 17
“St. Patrick’s Day”

Wearing of the green is one thing, but ingesting green-tinted swill is tantamount to wearing a badge that reads, “I’m neither Irish nor particularly bright – scoff at me.” The accepted colors of Irish beer are black (stout), red (ale) and gold (lager), and in our traditionally minimalist fashion, we’ll be offering three non-Gravity draft selections that roughly approximate each of these styles, while endeavoring to shun inauthentic proto-Hibernian revelry.

Sunday & Monday, April 6 & 7
“Session Head”
First on the 6th at Bank Street Brewhouse, then followed on the 7th at the Pizzeria & Public House, we’ll be tapping a special small list of NABC and guest “session beers.” With our 16th annual strong beer fest winding down, what’s better than to follow it with the polar opposite? Parameters as defined by beer writer Lew Bryson include:

► under 4.5% ABV
► flavorful enough to be interesting
► balanced enough for multiple pints
► conducive to conversation

In brief, they’re low-alcohol, but not low-taste. Enjoy, and have more than one!

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