Our Staff

Amy Baylor

Owner/Operator of The NABCs/Sister of Kate

We’re waiting for Amy to finish her bio homework assignment.

Kate Lewison

Owner/Operator of The NABCs

I have worked for one company in my life, which is this one. As you can imagine, many hats must be worn in this line of work, and I believe I do a little bit of every single thing, each and every day. I met my husband, Jeff Lewison, when he started as a dishwasher in 1996. We were married in 2001 and have an heir and a spare: Ryan and Seth. My mom is the reason we three have ownership in this company; her name is Sharon O’Connell, but we all just call her mom. My sister/partner/best friend is another reason I live to work: Amy and I are Irish twins, a year apart in age. Roger Baylor has been my brother-in-law, then ex-brother-in-law, but a business partner that I consider a friend and look up to on occasion (just don’t tell him that, it’ll go to his head). I love the team we have built. As they say, some players may change, but the game is still the same, and I think I’m winning!

Roger A. Baylor

me3Currently on leave to pursue the seat of Mayor for the city of New Albany
Carnival Barker and Owner/Operator of The NABCs

Roger’s career in beer began in 1983, when his philosophy degree from Indiana University Southeast landed him a job at Scoreboard Liquors, a long forgotten package store in New Albany. From these early days stocking one cooler door with imports, he’s become acknowledged as a regional leader in the craft beer movement.

Since 1992, Roger has been a co-owner of New Albanian Brewing Company and its on-premise arms, NABC Pizzeria & Public House and NABC Bank Street Brewhouse. He is certified by the Beer Judge Certification Program, has written beer columns for the News and Tribune, Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO), Food & Dining magazine and LouisvilleBeer.com, and remains an inveterate lover of pub life and beer-oriented travel.


David R. Pierce

David R. Pierce
NABC Director of Brewing Operations

As a wise man once observed, there is no substitute for experience, and when David joined the NABC team in 2009 to inaugurate Bank Street Brewhouse, he brought more than a quarter-century of brewing experience and expertise, as well as an unquenchable passion for all things beer. Indisputably, David is one of the founding fathers of craft beer in the metropolitan Louisville area.

During an earlier career in commercial construction, David was an avid homebrewer. His first professional brewing job came in 1992 with the opening of the Silo Brewpub, Louisville’s first craft brewery. At the Silo, he garnered his first pro beer competition recognition, with a silver medal for Spiced Ale at the 1993 Great American Beer Festival.

David left the Silo for Bluegrass Brewing Company, which opened in October 1993 and soon became Louisville’s go-to microbrewery. While at BBC (1993-2009), he won a total of nine medals for beers entered into commercial brewing competitions at the Great American Beer Festival, the Real Ale Festival and the Colorado International Microbrew Competition. His American Pale Ale and Bearded Pat’s Barleywine remain certified Louisville classics of the contemporary era.

While at BBC, David began yet another parallel career during the 1990’s microbrewery boom, utilizing his construction experience as a representative of DME Brewing Services. He coordinated and installed 25 breweries, ranging from three to 30 barrels in size, including one microbrewery in Ireland.

Upon joining NABC in early 2009, David’s extensive experience in brewing, installation and construction came together to facilitate our expansion. He has been indispensable in overseeing all aspects of NABC’s growth as a brewery, which is why no one complains when he subjects the brewery crew to Primus.

Ben Minton


Ben Minton was once given the key to the city of New Albany by then Mayor Doug England … for reasons he can’t quite recall.
He thinks he might even know where it is … probably in a drawer at his parents’ house. He should look for that sometime.

A faithful employee since 2004.
Doer of science.
Maker of beers.

Anthony Beard

Graphic Illustrator … Designer … Intergalactic Man of Action

Born during a volcanic eruption, Anthony Beard is a mountain of a man at 5 foot 8 inches and weighs in at a mind-numbing 160+ pounds. He began his artistic career by never taking an art class in high school or college, and it shows.

After graduating from college and saddling his parents with debt, Anthony hit the ground running by getting fired every three months from each job he managed to land. After three years of historic job hemorrhages (including, but not limited to: Mail Clerk, Graphic Designer, Unemployment Beneficiary, Web Designer & Substitute Teacher), he was nuzzled into the warm inviting bosom of the New Albanian Brewing Company as a pizza mechanic.

After a four-year stint in pizza repair, Anthony was promoted to deck-hand/cellerman. He then moved to New Zealand for six months on a diplomatic mission. After deeply offending the Maori people he was asked to crawl back to the United States as punishment. Upon his return, The NABC awarded him with the title of drawer/graphic illustrator, and he clutches it in his horrid talons to this very day.

If Anthony hadn’t made it at the New Albanian Brewing Company, he probably would have made a career out of disappointing his parents, which he still does from time to time as side work.

Anthony’s main artistic influences include beer, whiskey, and whiskey. One piece of advice he would like to give all aspiring beer label designers is that there are some pretty good tutorial videos on Youtube, especially on how the pen tool works in Adobe Illustrator. In his spare time he punches destiny in the ear hole. He also won forty bucks in a poker game last week, which is pretty awesome. His favorite food is peanut butter, but not the crunchy kind. His tears taste of regret, failure, and salt. Please do not try to contact him, ever. The doctors don’t know what it is yet, but it’s probably not good, and it might be contagious.


Billie Gray

Kitchen Manager

Billie makes sure the pizzas keep baking, as well as 1,001 other things that need to get done on a daily basis.

Eric Gray

Beer Manager/ Partial Cellarman

Eric started working at NABC in 2007. He was hired to fill a dishwashing spot for Gravity Head. After 3+ years working in other people’s filth, he took over the beer manager job along with Ben Minton in 2010.

Early in 2011 NABC started bottling, and while Eric wasn’t there for the archaic three-headed monster beginnings, he started helping out once the Meheen Merlin filler came on line.  Ben moved up to the position of R & D Brewer, which meant more work for Eric on the beer manager end, in addition to duties as cellarman. In his own words:

“All in all, what I really do for NABC is just fill in when needed. That can mean running a bottling line, cleaning a mash tun, and putting some beer on tap all in the same day. Trust me on this, though: Working in a brewery, or for a brewery, is probably the best job one could hope for. I’m at the Pizzeria & Public House practically every day, so don’t be shy — I’m always looking for a good excuse to raise a pint or two.”

Reva Hagedorn

Prost & Special Events Coordinator

If you’re looking to schedule a special gathering or arrange a party, Reva’s the one to speak with. Her name has one “v” and no bees.

Jeff Lewison

Pub Manager, Lead Server, and Husband of Kate

Jeff makes sure the food and drink make it to you.



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