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Bloomington Craft Beer Week 2013

Bloomington Craft Beer Week is underway, and the moveable feast will culminate on Saturday, April 13, with the 3rd annual Bloomington Craft Beer Festival at Woolery Mill. The fest was rescheduled from June to April for 2013, and preliminary signs point to a much larger attendance – for which the Brewers of Indiana Guild is grateful.

Links pertaining to these events are listed below, but first, a bit about NABC’s signature event during BCBW.

BBC & New Albanian Tap Annihilation

If memory serves, Bloomington Brewing Company dates to 1994, making it one of Indiana’s oldest continually operating breweries of the modern era. Brewer Floyd Rosenbaum has been on board since 1998. BBC was preaching the gospel of localism long before I bothered to grasp it, and perhaps this is why I’ve always felt an affinity with them.

For Bloomington Craft Beer Week, NABC is pairing with BBC to stage a “tap annihilation” at the multi-tap venue appropriately named (what else?) The Tap.

There’ll be four beers each from NABC and BBC, some giveaways, and plenty of craft beer consciousness.

BBC’s lineup: Biere de Mars, Rye IPA, Dry Hopped Aristotle IPA and Vanilla Floyd

NABC’s side: Black & Blue Grass, Elector, Naughty Girl and Rye Barrel IPA

You’ve already seen how we’re reformatting Eastern Front Russian Imperial Pilsner from its origins as Elsa. The same process is underway with Yakima, which tweaked only slightly is the base beer for the Rye Barrel IPA. As with Elsa, we think Yakima will have a new identity at some point, so we’re being coy until there is greater clarity.

First, we have some hiring to do. Here are the links.

— Roger

Bloomington Brewing Company

New Albanian Brewing Company

The Tap Beer Bar

BBC & New Albanian Tap Annihilation at The Tap

Bloomington Craft Beer Week

Bloomington Craft Beer Fest

Bloomington Craft Beer Fest Android App

Bloomington Craft Beer Fest iPhone App

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