A Tale of Two Ales: A Story of BBQ, Feastiality and Feastmaster

By Peter Fingerson

It goes without saying that Feast BBQ has made quite the edible footprint in New Albany, and rightfully so. It also goes without saying that Mark Cady, business manager at Bloomington Brewing Company, can eat the hell out of some brisket. Needless to say, lunch dates were had at Feast between Mark and the NABC brew crew on numerous occasions throughout the fall of 2013.

One fine midweek afternoon that same fall, it was mentioned that NABC should do a collaboration brew together with BBC. Mark immediately made the trek south, brisket or bust, that very Friday to begin discussions. After a whirlwind of beer and BBQ, a style was decided upon. It was to be a strong Scotch Wee Heavy aged in bourbon barrels … but that’s not all, folks.

It was also decided that there wasn’t going to be just one collaboration beer, but two: The strong Scotch ale, and tagging along, an 80 shilling, sessionable Scottish ale. A yin and yang, if you will – or maybe smoked tofu and beef brisket would be a more apt analogy.

After the recipes were written, a BBC crew consisting of Nick Banks, Josh Phoertner and Mark Cady journeyed to our R&D brewery on Grant Line Road to begin the series. Beer was made, beer was drank, and pizza was eaten. Clocking in at 9.2% ABV and 36 IBU, it was time to let the beast rest peacefully in bourbon barrels for a few months. A preview was briefly available during Gravity Head.

A few weeks later, yeast was collected and the whole NABC brew crew (David Pierce, Josh Hill, Ben Minton and Peter Fingerson) braved the cold and headed north to BBC’s brewpub at Lennie’s. Beer was made, beer was drank, and pizza was eaten. This time, the resulting brew was an 80 shilling scotch ale, and at 4.2% ABV and 16 IBU, this beer was like the little brother.

So, the beers were made, but one important facet was yet undetermined: What were the names of these two brews? Ideas were many but the process fruitless for weeks; that is, until we decided to go back to our roots. Inspired eating makes for inspired brewing, after all.

Thus, it was decided and the names were created: Feastiality, a Strong scotch ale aged in bourbon barrels, and Feastmaster, an 80 shilling Scottish session ale. We hope you enjoy drinking them as much as we enjoyed creating them. Both will be on tap at both NABC locations, this Friday (May 9).

And seriously, go eat at Feast BBQ. You won’t regret it.

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